I hate Fridays

Well it’s Friday, and I hate Fridays. They annoy me. I don’t get as much sleep as I’d like to, and I’m forced to see family, which means I’d have to fake a smile and pretend I care about what they have to say. I did get to fix my wheels and go pick up a few things from the supermarket though.

Oh and I’m going deaf in my left ear. It’s getting really annoying now because I can barely hear anything. Every time just as I start to think that my health is getting better, it takes a turn for the worse. A few days ago I was constantly getting nosebleeds. One after the other for three days. Horrible! And I don’t mean the “oh look, I have red boogers” type nosebleed, I mean the pouring type. Oh and I’ve got these annoying scratch marks on my forehead. It looks like claw marks. I look like the freaking anti-christ.

I was watching Jon Stewart on TV earlier and he brought up that people are angry with violent M-Rated video games, and that they want to ban them. As a gamer, I think that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!! I don’t know whether its just banning them to children under 18, or banning them completely, but either way, I find it extremely hypocritical to want to ban something that portrays animated violence, while extreme gore and pornography are completely open to the general public on TV. Take for example the numerous adult-oriented shows that show nudity and sex. Hey, I got nothing against them, but don’t pretend you care about the children! I find it exactly the same thing as when they censor swear words in music videos. They will force you to take out any swear words or drug references in your lyrics, and yet you’ve got what appears to be a group of hookers shaking their assets in the background while you smoke a joint and swallow a beer… all while they blur your mouth and bleep your words, when really we both know that blur should be a little lower than just your mouth.

You know what I’m really waiting for? The Blackberry 6 operating system. I just realised I completely wasted this week I had off. I didn’t start on my seminar paper yet, and I still need to interview an entrepreneur. Oh well. I believe that whatever I do, is never really a waste of time, even if you think it is a waste of time, unless of course what you’re doing is actually wasting time…. hmm… yea, I’m out! xx


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