Chuck–Sum 41

Chuck coverI thought I’d start off my music reviews with this beauty. At first, I honestly felt wrong listening to the album. It just didn’t feel like the Sum 41 I was used to. But after several times, it grew on me, and finally became one of my favourite albums of all time! It starts off slow with an Intro that gives you a taste of what the rest of the album is going to sound like, but then quickly shoots off the next track, “No Reason”. The lyrics can sound a bit cliché, but still, you can hear the deepest thoughts going around in lead singer Deryck’s head.

Some songs seem like the usual Sum 41 style, but some really stand out. Tracks such as “Some Say”, “Pieces” and “Slipping Away” are beautiful. “Open Your Eyes” has one of the catchiest choruses on the album. And when it comes to catchy, guitar riffs that are unforgettable are on tracks such as “The Bitter End”, “88” and “Noots”. I actually set “88” as my phone’s ringtone because of the hooking guitar intro.

Overall, the album may sound a bit towards the commercial side, but honestly, I don’t think it is. The name Chuck actually came after a life-changing experience during the filming of an episode of War Child. The band’s UN rescuer was named Chuck, and saving their lives, the least they could do was dedicate the album to him. But you can hear the experience in the lyrics and guitar style is a lot more sophisticated than their past albums. This album marked a time when they tried to get a bit political, without getting too political. They tried to express their newly discovered side, unlike of course the album that followed this one, “Underclass Hero”, which in my opinion showed that they had finally sold out and went completely political, ruining their image and style, especially without their lead guitarist Dave Brownsound who added quite a bit of flavour to their music.

All in all, definitely an album you need to check out if you are in any way interested in this band. They had a pretty catchy pop-punk past, but this seems to be the most mature and most heartfelt of all their albums.


2 thoughts on “Chuck–Sum 41

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