So here I am, in my last year of university, trying to study for this semester’s Economics midterm. It sucks. Not because I don’t like economics, but simply because I like it so much I know that it can be more interesting. I hate the part in Macrotheory that discusses the components of GDP using algebra. I’d rather be discussing things related to the economic policies themselves. For example, lately Jon Stewart had Joe Nocera and Bethany Mclean, writers of the book “All The Devils Are Here”. It’s a book that gives a very unique viewpoint on the world financial crisis and claims that the people on Wall Street should also be taking part of the blame. Jon Stewart compared it to gambling, which in my opinion was very accurate. Here’s a radio interview with Joe Nocera about the book:


Anyway, I also wanted to mention how horrible the England vs. France friendly football match was. England has never been as rubbish. The players are just too lazy and too unbothered. They either avoided the ball, or just stood there doing absolutely nothing. I honestly have never hated that team more. How many shots does Gerrard have to miss to know he’s just not going to score?! Another thing was Capello sending on Peter Crouch in the last 5 minutes! Why does he always do that?! I’m very certain an earlier introduction into the game would have served much more useful! Anyway, Fabio Capello can slam critics as much as he wants, but the facts still stand: England have never sucked so much, and will still continue to suck unless they seriously try to change things around.

Let me finish on a related note; here’s a clip of when Smithy meets the English football team. It was meant as a joke, but still very relevant:

Smithy meets the England Football Team.

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