Yay! Kuwait!

So I’m finally done with finals. I am now currently in Kuwait for a couple of weeks to see my family and friends. So I’m here lying on the couch watching mind-numbingly boring tv shows, when it occurs to me: I really miss Better Off Ted. It wasn’t a huge deal and most people never really heard of it. I loved it though. I was just watching it recently and it reminded me how awesome it was. Its such a shame it got cancelled.

So I decided I’m going to use the next couple of weeks here to try and write some songs. I haven’t written in a while and coming here always clears my mind. There’s this place my friends and I call “Number 10”. Its on the 10th floor of a city building, and at night the panoramic view of the city is absolutely beautiful. Helps create inspiration. Well… not really. You can’t really create inspiration. I guess its already inside of you, like a memory, but you just have certain things trigger the flow into your mind.

So anyway, I’m going to go now. I can smell something delicious coming from the kitchen. Oh, how wonderful it is to be with family again after so long.

Take care xx


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