2011 Graduate

So here I am again. I know I’m not posting as often as I should, but whatever. I’ve been quite busy. I finally graduated and even started applying to different job openings. I got one job, but unfortunately, the job didn’t feel quite right. It was for a great marketing firm that made websites and logos and stuff for different companies, and I really liked the stuff they had to offer, but I guess the timing was right. The economy in Egypt is suffering and many companies I called to discuss potential business just wasn’t interested. They’re losing way to much money to consider doing business at the moment, especially if it’s something that isn’t as important in their point of view. Anyway, enough blabbing about that. It didn’t work out and it doesn’t matter anymore.

So here I am, four months later, unemployed. A part of me is excited about the future, and yet a part of me is nervous. Thinking ahead always makes me nervous. I have this nagging need to always overplan things to the point that I always end up ruining everything. So far, I’ve managed to get my grandma to secure me an internship opportunity at Merrill Lynch. After that I guess I might go on to do my masters. We’ll see how it turns out.


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